This is a powerful dark-roasted coffee made according to the best Italian traditions, delivered in whole bean form.

With this variety you get a full-bodied coffee with a pleasant intense aroma. The body has notes of dark chocolate and the aftertaste is long and lingering. It is a versatile coffee, which can be enjoyed in the morning, after a good meal or with a delicious piece of chocolate. It is also a coffee that is perfect for giving you an extra shot of energy .

We deliver it as a bag of whole beans that you can grind yourself, so that you can adjust the strength and taste, creating your own coffee exactly as you like it.

For the best experience, we recommend that you grind the coffee just before using it.

Gran Caffè Garibaldi is a brand of the Italian coffee roastery Gimoka. The company is one of Italy's leading coffee producers with exports to over 50 countries. At Gimoka, high quality is always paramount, and Gimoka controls the entire value chain from the harvesting process, to roasting and grinding the coffee beans, and the final packing in the capsules.


Roasted coffee beans


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Very strong (10/10)

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Garibaldi Intenso

1000g. coffee beans


Reviews (9)

Great value bean, lovely smooth coffee especially as a creamy latte Read More
Best coffee Read More
Absolutely a fantastic coffee!!! I ordered 4 different coffee beans 🫘 and Garibaldi Intenso was one of the greatest coffees in terms of quality, body and aroma !!! Will order again!!! Read More
I have tried many coffees but this one is the best I have ground myself and made the most intense strong and delicious later so far.
Thank you will buy again.
Read More
Loved the smell when grinding the beans, good all rounder, especially enjoy as my first coffee of the day.
Read More
My second time buying these beans, delicious rich taste, fantastic crema Read More
Really good quality coffee. Definitely will buy again. Read More
Lovely day-to-day coffee, perfect for bean to cup machines. Read More
I really like this coffee. Its taste is very intense and has a very pleasant flavour Read More

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