Sustainable and socially responsible coffee delight

St. Remio is an Australian company, but it is in Rwanda that the magic happens. St. Remio has a mission to lay the foundations for perfect coffee cultivation via education and infrastructure, with a special focus on providing better working conditions for female coffee farmers.

St. Remio Intense is a strong and intense dark roast coffee, with notes of dark chocolate, caramel and roasted nuts. Enjoy it as an extra tasty Espresso or as the base for your Cappuccino or Latte. It is also delicious as a Long Black. A Long Black is a popular type of coffee in Australia and New Zealand, and is reminiscent of an Americano, but is slightly thicker as it is brewed with less water.

With this variety, you get an intense and aromatic coffee, and can support a good cause at the same time.

The capsules can be used in Expressi, K-Fee, Cafissimo and Caffitaly* machines.

* Expressi® is a registered trademark of Aldi Foods Pty Ltd. K-fee® is a registered trademark of K-fee System GmbH. Caffitaly® is a registered trademark of Caffitaly System SpA None of these companies or their affiliates have produced, endorsed or are otherwise associated with this product.


Number of pods


Number of cups



St. Remio



Tasting notes

Dark Chocolate, Roasted hazelnuts, Caramel

Cup size



Very strong (10/10)

Best before


St. Remio Intense

10 pods for Caffitaly


Reviews (1)

I order these coffees for England. Although the arrival time sometimes takes a long time, it is worth the wait. Because I love to start my morning with this coffee. I like that it is strong coffee and its refreshing effect. And also, when I was buying it, I asked the company officials whether it was compatible with my machine. My coffee machine is "Saeco Tchibo Cafissimo Latte" and these capsules are definitely for me. And I would like to thank the interested company officials who responded quickly to all my questions. I wish you to always remain so kind and friendly. Read More

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