When the summer heat approaches, you may start craving iced drinks more to cool down. How about an iced coffee made at home in less than a minute using a single pod? That’s what Dolce Vita offers thanks to their Cappuccino Frappé drink as part of their limited-edition summer drinks.

In one pod you get a creamy and delicious iced coffee that’s just as good as those you’d get in a café. It’s sweetened to perfection, and the milk is in perfect balance with the coffee flavour. Never before has it been easier to get an iced coffee just when you’re craving one.

Insert a pod in your Dolce Gusto machine, select the amount of water (3-4 bars), and brew cold. Add a couple of ice cubes and you’re ready to sip this refreshing coffee.

With each pack you’ll have 16 pods so you can enjoy this refreshing summer favourite for a little while.

This product contains coffee and sugar.

This product has no affilitation with nor is it produced by or recognised by Nestlé®.


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Ice Cappuccino - Dolce Vita

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (25)

Delicious really nice a will buy again for sure Read More
Lovely flavour can't wait till the summer to try it out property Read More
need 2 or 3 pods for a good sized glass. the taste is nice, not very strong or sweet but that’s how I like my iced coffees. won’t buy again as I’d prefer to just buy espresso pods and make my own iced coffee, but this is enjoyable and worth trying in my opinion Read More
Easy ordering, fast delivery and great tasting product. In my opinion this tastes better than some branded products, smooth, rich and full of flavour. Will be purchasing again. Read More
They taste exactly how expected definitely brings back my childhood as I used to drink these all the time Read More
Unfortunately this is the only place to get this ice cappo. Fortunately the taste is brilliant and worth the shipping wait Read More
Absolutely lovely. Not too sweet so can add a flavoured syrup if I want, but great coffee flavour and only needing one pod per drink feels better. Doesn't make a huge cup but makes enough for me! Read More
Refreshing. Not sweet which I prefer Read More
Fast Delivery. Tastes Amazing, nice and refreshing Read More
Good quality Read More
I'm very happy with the service. Very fast delivery and the products are definitely enjoyable Read More
Mmm they’re ok, but I wouldn’t buy again. Only because I like iced coffees quite milky, this ones more watery Read More
Really nice on a hot day, not too strong coffee. I like to add a little bit of vanilla syrup to sweeten it up. Read More
Ever since dolce gusto stop making they own brand ice coffee pods I so wanted to find a replacement. Love love my new ice coffee pods. They perfect. Would highly recommend. I'm definitely going to Re purchase soon. Read More
Tasty and refreshing on a warm summers day. Read More