It is known that coffee and hazelnut create a perfect flavour combination. Kaffekapslen now gives you the opportunity to brew this popular coffee flavour thanks to your Senseo.

Thanks to one pad and your Senseo machine you can enjoy a delicious coffee in no time. Insert the pad, press the button for a normal cup, and let your machine brew your coffee. You’ll immediately get the smell of hazelnut mixed with the inviting smell of coffee you already know.

Let yourself experience black coffee in a different: get these hazelnut coffee pads and discover new realms of coffee experiences. If you want it a bit creamier or sweeter, just add milk or sugar!

One pack of Kaffekapslen’s own hazelnut coffee includes 36 pads that are compatible with your Senseo machine.


Number of pods


Number of cups









Coffee with flavour

Cup size

Regular Cup


Medium (5/10)

Best before


Hazelnut - Everyday Coffee

36 pods for Senseo


Reviews (5)

A mild hazelnut aroma and taste perfectly matches the rich coffee. Delicious. Read More
My favourite flavour yet!try, you will not be disappointed! Read More
Great taste good delivery Read More
In my experience, most flavoured coffees just taste of coffee, but these pods have a really delicious nutty flavour. They are great for that after-dinner cup of coffee or for a 'me time' brew. The price is very reasonable too, so what's not to like? Read More
I really enjoyed this coffee, it's a perfect balance between slightly sweet hazelnut and coffee - the flavors work together rather than drown each other out. I will definitely buy this again. Read More