If you long for a little variety from normal coffee or perhaps want to experiment with new types of hot drinks, we can recommend this hazelnut coffee from Café René.

It is made using South American Arabica and Robusta beans, creating a coffee with an aromatic and slightly sour body in perfect harmony with the sweet flavour of hazelnuts.

This is a unique combination but becoming increasingly popular around the world and more and more common with all leading coffee houses. The combination of hazelnuts and coffee brings a new and exciting coffee flavour, as the nutty aromas highlight the coffee notes, with the end result a coffee with a lovely taste reminiscent of hazelnut liquor. This is the perfect coffee to serve with dessert or with a piece of cake.

Why not explore the world of coffee and try a new and different cup. Who knows, it may well become one of your new favourites.

We deliver Café René’s Hazelnut at an attractive price, in pods that fit in your Dolce Gusto® machine.

Café René is a trademark of a third party not affiliated with Dolce Gusto®.


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Hazelnut Coffee - Café René

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Reviews (67)

Excellent very tasty Read More
A very nutty scent and flavoured coffee. Very enjoyable. Read More
Wow, my favourite coffee. You hardly need to drink it as it smells soooo amazing. Read More
My 'goto' hazelnut coffee - excellent flavour (not sweet at all) and great value. Add a milk pod or hot frothed milk for an XL hazelnut latte, or just a teaspoon of creamer for a regular hazelnut coffee. Read More
Love this coffee. It has just a hint of hazelnut but you can still taste the coffee. Read More
Rich , indulgent taste of hazelnuts. Read More
It smells really nice, really hazelnut. Read More
. Smells amazing. Can taste the hazelnut but coffee strength is not high enough. Needs a shot of espresso in to make drinkable Read More
Excellent value Read More
This is a really nice coffee. The Hazelnut is mild, and does not taste like an artificial syrup has been added. The coffee itself is smooth and flavourful and the Hazelnut is nicely balanced with the coffee. I will be buying this again on my next order. Read More
Did not like this brand or its flavours unfortunately. While everything else I have from Kaffekapseln is great, I found the Cafe Rene coffees to be really, really bitter tasting and not at all pleasant. And also, completely black with no milk, which I wasn't expecting. The only way to make them taste good is to run 2-3 times the amount of water through until there is no taste left!! Read More
Best hazelnut coffee I have tried, will order again Read More
I really didn't like this, it's far too weak (even with 50ml through pod) and not a pleasant taste in my opinion.

I bought this and the Dolce Vita and recommend the Dolce Vita. Much nicer!
Read More
A smooth tasting as described nutty coffee is very strong though definitely wakes you up Read More
The hazelnut flavour is lovely and this really taste like hazelnut. For me the coffee itself is very bitter - (or too bitter for my taste). I do like a strong coffee, but for me this is bitter, rather than strong. Read More