It’s not unusual to see a vanilla bean served alongside your cup of coffee at a café. Vanilla is a great way to add extra spice to your cup of coffee, as the vanilla flavour blends naturally with the deeper taste of coffee.

Café René wanted to take this flavour combination further and added vanilla to the coffee roasting process.

This coffee is created using a blend of carefully selected Arabica and Robusta beans. It has a finely balanced flavour with a hint of vanilla that is neither understated nor dominant. And as the vanilla has already been applied during roasting, the vanilla flavour is more harmonious than if you use a vanilla bean to flavour the coffee.

This is a great coffee to try if you like the flavour of vanilla in your coffee, or want to experiment with something new. The trio of flavours from the Arabica and Robusta beans combined with vanilla gives this coffee a unique edge and character, and it comes with our warmest recommendations.

We deliver Café René’s Vanilla at reasonable prices, in pods that fit in your Dolce Gusto® machine.

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Grande Vanilla - René

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Reviews (20)

Ordered many different coffees and hot chocolate from kaffekapslen and they are all wonderful quality great service and speedy delivery excellent value for money Read More
I like this coffee, but I find it has a tendency to be a little bitter, so I add plenty of creamer and sugar and it tastes lovely Read More
Amazing coffee. Read More
Tastes good. Straight black coffee with vanilla flavour.
Good if you don't take milk.
Read More
These are ok, not my favourite but a friend who visits loves them. We all have different tastes and I'll buy these again for guest more than for myself. Read More
I’m a massive coffee lover but always find there isn’t enough choice in supper markets for pods especially with the dolce gusto. I ordered about 8/9 boxes from here and was absolutely amazed at how cheap they were I wouldn’t have got half the amount for that price in the shops. I love that there is so many flavours and choices so I now can have a variety. I would highly recommend and will definitely be a regular with this company now. Read More
I am in love with this coffee! I'm on my second order and it's become a firm favourite! - tastes just as good as ice coffee as it does as a regular coffee! Read More
it is good coffee and cheapest price.
I recommend it.
Read More
A wonderful flavour, a really nice change without needing a flavoured milk pod. Would have been 5 stars but the pods keep leaking. Kaffekapselen have said they'll report it to René so hopefully that'll get improved Read More
My favourite pod! Medium strength and not too sweet. Perfect amount of vanilla. Read More
Smooth and can definitely taste the vanilla! I'm a big fan of vanilla coffee, and this really hit the spot! Read More
Very nice as a black coffee or with a milk pod well. Worth buying Read More
Of the two flavoured coffees I've tried so far, this is my favourite. For me there's just enough vanilla flavour not yo be overpowering Read More
Excellent coffee, the vanilla is neither too subtle or too strong, it's a perfect balance! Read More
You can really taste the vanilla, great for iced coffees! Read More