We also offer our very own Grande in a decaffeinated version.

With the Decaffeinated Grande, you can enjoy a cup of afternoon or evening coffee without fear of disturbing your sleep.

A Grande is a classic coffee, brewed in the traditional way, but which is also known, as the name suggests, by the fact that it is served in a large cup.

Our Grande is created with medium roast Arabica beans, which give a round and full flavour with fruity undertones, complemented by a lovely crema, so you get a coffee with a classic taste but without the worry of caffeine.

The pods have been hermetically sealed so the freshness and aroma of the coffee is perfectly maintained, and they fit like a glove with your Dolce Gusto® machine, where the machine's high pressure really draws out the flavour and creates a great crema.

In other words, here's a classic everyday coffee at a reasonable price that compliments our Grande variant, but in a decaf version.

A no-frills coffee for when you just want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee without it getting too complex.


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Grande Decaf - Everyday Coffee

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (49)

Great to have a decaf option. Delicious. Great value, arrives quickly to the UK. Read More
I really love the flavour - but the pods don't work properly in my Dolce Gusto Mini Me machine. The contents explode upwards and make a mess everywhere. It happens with every pod in every box, not just a faulty batch, so I have taken to piercing the small holes in the bottom with a darning needle, after which they work fine. Read More
Does the job - decaf/coffee - works in the machine Read More
The coffee pods are sub standard , when you put the pods in the machine and then start it water comes out of the seam on top of the pod before coffee comes out of the bottom Read More
This is a lovely coffee, it’s has become part of my evening routine. The only issue that I have had is that some of the pods haven’t been sealed properly so they have exploded in my machine, are you able to change something in the manufacturing process Kaffekapslen? Read More
At 1st all ok and nice coffee,then noticed the pods looked a wee bit smaller and since then I've had quite a few split during making so giving 1 star as when contacted I was asked for the order and batch number which I had no idea about the batch number which you would of thought that the supplier would know when sending,won't order again Read More
Best decaffeinated coffee. Great value. Good delivery Read More
Steve lifts the pods with a rolled up piece of paper or a gasket ring in the drawer all coffees are good and creamy at any price !! Read More
Unfortunately these capsules are splitting on the glue seal sending hot water with coffee grounds spraying everywhere, making them useless.
I believe this has been noted before but nothing seems to have been done about it. I will be seeking a refund.
Read More
Coffee is similar to leading brand BUT in some boxes of 16 around a quarter of the capsules failed/burst due to faulty seal around the rim. Read More
I've struggled to find decaff coffee pods so was happy to find something that makes a decent mug full (200ml). Decaff coffee is notoriously lacking in "something" and, although I can't say that this coffee is different in that regard, it does actually taste like coffee and is very smooth. It's nutty and pleasant in the evening, especially with a dash of milk or the addition of a milk pod.

I do find, however, that the last sips of coffee seem grainy or gritty. This could be my error as I could simply have the pod in the machine for too long but I don't know. It's certainly not a deal breaker and I'm very glad to find a decaff coffee pod that doesn't taste like brown.
Read More
Really like this one we'll worth the money no bitter after taste when drinking it black Read More
Brilliant thank you Read More
Really pleased with them, have tried cheaper alternatives before and often get issues with them not working properly. Will definitely order again. Read More
It’s so nice to be able to find an unbranded decaf that actually tastes really flavoursome. Love this product and will keep buying from you in my next order. Read More