Among the Gimoka pods you will find all the coffee classics, and also a wide selection of espressos of varying tastes and strengths.

Gran Bar is Gimoka's extra strong Espresso, for all those who like a good powerful coffee. Just as coal and oil fuelled the industrial revolution, a good cup of strong coffee is a source of new energy, fuelling you for the day ahead.

This Espresso is made from 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta beans, which has resulted in an aromatic coffee with a slightly sour, hazelnut-coloured crema, and flavour notes of almonds and dried fruit.

This is a rich cup of coffee good for firing you up, located at the higher end of our strength scale.

We supply this powerful espresso in 18 biodegradable pods, which fit perfectly with your ESE machine.

Gimoka is an Italian coffee producer that can trace its origins back to the early 1980s. Based in Andalo Valtellino, Lombardy, the company is one of Italy's leading coffee roasters with exports to over 50 countries.

At Gimoka, high quality has always been paramount. Gimoka controls the entire value chain from the coffee’s harvesting, roasting and grinding to its final packaging in pods.


Ristet og malet kaffe


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Gimoka Gran Bar

18 E.S.E Pods


Reviews (6)

Great coffee wonderful flavour great price. Thanks Read More
Not too strong; a nice blend. Read More
Very nice coffee. Recommend to everyone Read More
First time ordering
I looked around for other companies selling bulk coffee as I can’t get note d’espresso ese anymore
I bought here
Garibaldi Dolce Aroma
Garibaldi Intenso
Gimoka Gran Bar
Gimoka Gran Festa
136 Ese for £17.99 including postage
It’s about the same price I paid at Amazon for 150 ND Ese also including postage then was £15-£20 fir 150 depending on roast •ᵉᵗ.ͨ

As I hadn’t heard anything about this company I was wary but boy am I impressed!¡
Not just the price but the efficiency and delivery

I would recommend them plus⁺plus⁺ ++++++++⁺

Gran bar is at the higher caffeine level and it comes through the roast

If it’s a stronger roast then it’s weaker in caffeine.
Arabica roasts smoother and sweeter taste

Robusta, on the other hand, has a stronger, harsher and more bitter taste so higher in caffeine

Gran bar is still smooth but with a punch
Read More
Slightly stronger than the Festa and makes a nice Cappuccino. Read More
If you like a full bodied espresso, this is for you. Great taste, can’t fault and excellent value Read More