Lungo Finezzo is made from toasted Arabica beans from 3 different regions: East Africa, South America, and Central America.

The beans in this blend are washed, which has enhanced the special characteristics of the coffee created from the special soil and climatic conditions of the different regions, and helped to give it its particularly pure and fresh taste with floral notes of jasmine and citrus notes of bergamot.

In addition, the beans have been lightly roasted and ground a little coarser than in an espresso blend. Both processes help to retain the coffee's natural aromas as best as possible, so that the floral notes really unfold when brewed for an extra long time, as is typical for a lungo.

With this variety you get a lungo at the lighter end of our strength scale, but in a cup full of aroma right up until the last sip. When you enjoy it for the first time, you are pleasantly surprised by its bright and light body and floral notes, delivering a taste experience that feels new and refreshingly different from a more traditional coffee.

In other words, this is an exciting coffee, which stands out from the crowd with its very mild body. A coffee like this is something you don’t often come across. It is a delicate variety, excellent for those who prefer a mild cup and those who want to try a new coffee experience.

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Lungo Finezzo

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