With the Kaffekapslen's Everyday Coffee series, we have created a number of different coffee varieties particularly suitable for everyday use.

This is our Extra Strong variety - a coffee at the highest end of the strength scale. It is a strong dark-roasted coffee created with Arabica and Robusta beans, to a strength you don’t see every day. The taste is classic Arabica and Robusta, with fruity sour tones from the Arabica beans, complemented by more earthy tones from Robusta.

This is a coffee full of flavour, with a dark and intense body and minimal bitterness. You get a cup which is exactly what you need when you brew the first (and best) cup after getting out of bed.

If you are looking for the strongest possible coffee you can find for Senseo, this is an excellent choice. It will not disappoint if you enjoy an extra intense coffee.

We deliver this intense and aromatic coffee at an attractive price, in pods adapted perfectly to your Senseo machine.


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Extra Strong - Everyday Coffee

36 pods for Senseo


Reviews (31)

Probably my favourite coffee! Lovely rich flavour without any bitterness. I love the smell too. I will definitely order again. Read More
Good quality coffee at an excellent price. Read More
. Read More
It was a bit too bitter for me. Ok if you like strong coffee I suppose. Thought I should try it though. Read More
The perfect morning wake up call, the best on the market at this time
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A proper morning wake up call!! Read More
Tasty & potent coffee Read More
Great price brilliant service. Thank you Read More
Very good coffee.Strong. Read More
First time I have got this particular from you, and it wil be repeated.
It makes an excellent cup of coffee just the way I like it.
Well done! my friends loves the aroma!
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Strong and nice . Perfect for coffee lovers Read More
Amazingly good coffee at an amazingly good price Read More
We can’t get senseo pods in UK,so now we can get a good selection from your company thanks again for your help.Kind regards John. Read More
This coffee is very pleasant indeed. Good strong, smooth flavour but doesn't make a mug of coffee like the Senseo coffee pods. Read More
Great value coffee pods, full of flavour! These are the only ones I buy and they never disappoint. The smell coming from the box when it arrived was delicious! Read More