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Do you want to discover Kaffekapslen’s great selection of coffee for Senseo? And exclusively our own house brand Everyday Coffee? Look no further, this is the bundle for you.

Our Variety Pack includes ten packages of our coffees made for brewing with your Senseo machine. Easy and efficient, you’ll get a wide variety of flavours and coffee experiences. This bundle is ideal for discovering what Kaffekapslen has to offer either just for you or to share with friends and family. And what’s even better? Our price!

At Kaffekapslen we always strive to have the lowest possible prices, especially on our very own Everyday Coffee brand. Save money and time when you order our Variety Pack! You’ll have enough delicious coffee to last until your next order, and you’ll save money. There’s really nothing better.

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Everyday Coffee Variety Pack

310 pods for Senseo

Regular Price £20.65 As low as £17.60

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