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At KaffeKapslen we have recently launched our own line of pods for Dolce Gusto.

We have named these coffees "daily coffees" because the series includes coffee variants that are perfect for your daily coffee, given their popularity and very satisfying price.

We have created a batch of 8 of our most popular variants from our new series. In this set you will find pods of strong, intense black coffees as well as classic, milder, medium roast coffees.

If you're looking for new taste experiences and new variants, or if you want to have more variety in your kitchen, this set is sure to offer you what you need.

This offer includes pods that have no affilitation with nor are produced by or recognised by Nestlé®.



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Dolce Gusto

Everyday Coffee Starter pack for Dolce Gusto®

128 pods + descaler

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