Have you tried a vanilla espresso? If you’re looking for variety and want to try a flavoured espresso, this vanilla espresso is worth a shot.

Vanilla is a popular ingredient in desserts such as ice cream or pudding, but it is also often added to lattes and cappuccinos. It is an obvious friend to accompany your coffee, as it adds not only flavour but a delicate sweetness that is a good alternative to sugar.

Here, the vanilla has been added during the roasting of the beans, which results in an espresso with vanilla flavour, making the espresso milder and sweeter. The coffee itself is from Arabica and Robusta beans, giving you an espresso with complex notes of fruit, biscuits, and vanilla all at once.

In other words, here is an espresso with a unique profile that you do not see every day. A new taste, different character, and a good alternative to the classic espresso taste.

We offer this chocolate espresso at a great price, in 10 pods that are compatible with your Nespresso® machine.

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Aluminium, Coffee with flavour

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Strong (8/10)

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Espresso Vanilla - Premium

10 pods for Nespresso®


Reviews (7)

I love these. Honestly I can say these beat high street brands. Coffee is nice and vanilla taste just perfect. I came back for more. Read More
I have already sent through my review about the vanilla which I have had before but this time they taste more bitter.I was told to contact customer services but can't I loved the hazelnut and everything else but was disappointed.sorry Read More
Of all the Nespresso pods, this one is my favourite. Smells lovely, good hint of vanilla in the taste and is a good price. Read More
Nice hint of vanilla im not normally into flavors of coffee but i do like this one Read More
Tasty coffee with vanilla undertones. Smooth coffee. Recommend Read More
Best vanilla flavor i have ever tried Read More
I have tried many flavoured coffee pods but none of them actual smell and taste as the flavour tastes, but these are exactly what they have been described as. Really tasty and flavourful. Read More