St. Remio is a coffee brand that puts a particularly high focus on environmental friendliness and social responsibility. St Remio only uses UTZ certified coffee, so you are always assured that the coffee has been grown sustainably, under safe and fair working conditions. St. Remio also supports a large number of projects to promote these values, and has a special focus on Rwanda and, in particular, improving the conditions of female coffee farmers.

By buying St. Remio coffee you are actively supporting a community of local coffee bean farmers, and contributing to improving education, the economy and sustainable development.

St. Remio has recently launched a new organic series in which all the coffees are bio certified. This series consists of a number of quality coffees, including this Espresso, which have been grown completely without the use of pesticides and spraying agents.

This is a classic Espresso full of flavour and intensity, with clear notes of dark chocolate and hazelnuts. It is a full-bodied Espresso that it would be a shame not to enjoy neat.

We can only give this St. Remio variety our warmest recommendations. Not only do you get a quality coffee - you also support a good cause.


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St. Remio



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Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate

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Strong (8/10)

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St. Remio Espresso

10 pods for Caffitaly

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