Timeless classic for Senseo.

An Espresso is a timeless coffee classic that is of course also available for Senseo. This intense little cup is treasured by coffee lovers everywhere for its fullness and intensity. Because with an Espresso you always get a particularly strong coffee full of juice and power, which is the result of a combination of both a smaller amount of water and an extra high pressure during the brewing process, which squeezes the flavour out of the beans in the maximum way.

With these pods, you can use your Senseo to brew an intense Espresso crowned by a nice creamy layer, just like the one you know from the café. The result is an Espresso that really awakens the senses, with a pleasant aftertaste that lingers on the palate long after the last sip has been enjoyed.

We supply it in a pack of 16 pods, which brew it perfectly in your Senseo.

This coffee is UTZ certified, which is your guarantee that the coffee has been grown in an environmentally responsible way and under proper conditions for the coffee farmers. The pods are compostable and can therefore be thrown away with the kitchen waste without any problems.


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Very strong (10/10)

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Senseo Espresso

16 pods for Senseo


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We lived in Holland for 12 years and always drank Senseo Espresso when we wanted a stronger cup. On returning to the UK it has been a constant struggle to find our favourite blends at reasonable prices. After discovering Kaffekapslen we can source our koffie and enjoy the flavours we love best. Ordering is quick and easy and delivery and communications excellent. Long may it continue. Thanks to all the team. Read More