Kaffekapslen is proud to present our line of Nespresso® Pro capsules. Nespresso® Pro machines are perfect for the office, and you can now bring the great taste of Kaffekapslen coffee to share with your colleagues and guests.

This box of 50 capsules for your Nespresso® Pro will allow you to have enough coffee to make it through the work week. This espresso is perfect for a midday pick-me-up. Delicate and balanced, it is still strong enough for you to get the caffeine kick you need to get through day.

Our espresso is a mix of Arabica and Robusta beans, so you have a coffee that has power, without being overwhelming. It’s delicious as is or with a splash of milk or sugar.

Get your espresso capsules for Nespresso® Pro now from Kaffekapslen!


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Espresso - Kaffekapslen

50 Capsules for Nespresso Pro®


Reviews (3)

Excellent coffee, fully meets our needs and we will continue to buy it. Nice, full-bodied taste, ideal for espresso. Read More
This was my first venture into this make, supplier, these capsules over the more expensive capsules, shows that quality done have to be more expensive.
These pods are incredible, and the service to match
Read More
Finding coffee we like is always a bit of a gamble, I'm not sure I'll buy anything else again after finding this supplier. Really love the stuff. A Deep flavour but not bitter. Read More