Are you looking for a change from your normal coffee experience? Then this hazelnut coffee is a good choice.

With a hazelnut coffee you get a flavour that has become more popular with many coffee drinkers over the past few years. Hazelnuts are known for adding a flavour that enhances coffee’s natural flavour notes. Hazelnuts are a natural coffee supplement in many ways, as many types of coffee already come with natural hazelnut notes.

Our hazelnut espresso is made from Arabica beans from South and Central America and Asian Robusta beans to which hazelnut is added during roasting. The result is a liquor-like espresso with notes of biscuits and hazelnuts. It is thus a coffee that has a taste perfect for accompanying desserts or something sweet.

If you have not yet tried a hazelnut espresso, here is your opportunity. And who knows, this might become your new favourite!

We offer this chocolate espresso at a great price, in 10 pods that are compatible with your Nespresso® machine.

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Espresso Hazelnut - Premium

10 pods for Nespresso®


Reviews (27)

I thought that I would try this and it's delicious 😋 I did not expect to like it as has a really great coffee flavour with a taste of roast hazelnut but not too sweet....Try it you may be surprised Read More
Lovely smooth coffee with a natural hazelnut taste that really comes through but doesn't overwhelm. Read More
For those who love Hazelnut coffee, this is the absolute best. I buy it for my son in law who is a nightmare. Now he drunks this I can live with him in peace. Personally I have tasted it and I prefer Dynamite coffee. Read More
Well worth the price Read More
Tastes great and as good as the brand it looks like ;-) Much cheaper too. Read More
The similar from Tesco is of superior quality taste Read More
Very nice coffee with a lovely touch of Hazelnut :-) Read More
A great-tasting flavoured coffee without the sweetness of syrups. My wife always insists on these when I order. Read More
Good aroma. A smooth mild coffee with pleasant hazelnut taste Read More
These coffee pods are very good indeed. Fair price and great quality. Read More
At first I wasn't to sure about flavored coffee as in the past I had some and it had an artificial taste but these pods where really good the flavour is not overpowering another great coffee Read More
Enjoyed all the coffee from kaffekapslen great price too. Read More
Love this coffee for a sweet tasting treat Read More
Heavenly flavour, well exceeded expectations. Will obviously order again. Read More
I bought the coffee for my sister. She was very pleased. I did try a cup but it was a little strong for me. My mother and my sister's partner liked it as well. Read More