Some days, you need more motivation. Motivation in the form of coffee is something we know a lot about. With that in mind, here is an espresso that will be just what you need.

Café Royal’s Espresso Forte Bio is a strong espresso that hits just right. Its intensity is just enough for those who want something strong, but it is not overpowering. The coffee in the capsules is made of Arabica beans that are beautifully roasted, which brings out spiced notes and notes of hazelnut.

Easy to brew thanks to Nespresso® Pro compatible pods, this strong espresso is great at any time of day. It can also be enjoyed as-is or with a bit of milk and sugar.

Not only is it efficiently brewed, but the coffee is also Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified. A good coffee with a sustainable and ethical source – it will be a favourite in the office.

Each box comes with 50 capsules you can brew in no time thanks to your office’s Nespresso® Pro.

These capsules are not affiliated with nor produced, approved or endorsed by Nestlé®.


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Espresso Forte BIO - Café Royal

50 capsules for Nespresso® Pro

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