Looking for a coffee that is perfect for espresso or filter coffee? This is the coffee for you.

Segafredo’s Casa blend is made of Arabica and Robusta beans that are more lightly roasted than traditional Italian coffees. This gives the coffee a spiced espresso with no lingering bitterness. The coffee is easy to drink and is topped off with delicate crema.

The Brazilian beads provide this aromatic coffee with tasting notes of chocolate and hazelnut, making it perfect to enjoy with a piece of dark chocolate if you so desire. 

Segafrado Zanetti oversees every part of the coffee-making process. The Brazilian beans come from their own coffee plant, and they are carefully picked so only the best beans are included in the final blend. The company has been blending and roasting coffee for years. Their logo is seen in many cafés and restaurants all over the world. 

You’ve likely already tried their coffee, and now you get to enjoy it at home. With this bag of 1000g of beans, you can enjoy espressos or large mugs of coffee for a long while. Taste the craft and passion behind an old, traditional recipe.

We recommend you grind the coffee beans right before use to get the best result. 


Amount (g.)




Tasting notes

Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate



Best before


Segafredo Espresso Casa

1000 g. coffee beans


Reviews (4)

Lovely scent , well rounded flavour, not a particularly dark roast. Ideal for expresso,cortado or even diluted for Amercano.Good value even with cost of delivery to UK. Read More
Product quality was fine. communication was time only criticism being that i was not told the item was shipped from abroad. in the event this was not a problem and i expect to re order in the future. Read More
Very nice aroma, deep flavour, refreshing. Read More
Good coffee and excellent service Read More