Let yourself be seduced by a decaffeinated coffee - without compromise!

The Cafe Royal Decaffeinated capsules deliver perfect coffee experiences with the same fullness and taste experiences as you would expect from a 'normal' coffee - just without caffeine.

Here you get a medium-roasted coffee full of good taste and intensity, which comes with a mild and pleasant acidity

With Cafe Royal's decaffeinated Espresso, you can enjoy a nice cup of espresso as an afternoon or evening coffee, without fear of disturbing your night's sleep.

In other words, here is a lovely quality decaffeinated coffee, which can be enjoyed for any occasion and by even the humblest coffee drinker. As Cafe Royal likes to say, being royal is not a title but a lifestyle.

All Café Royal coffee types are UTZ certified, so you are assured that you get a coffee that has been produced under proper conditions for both the environment and workers.

This pack contains 50 Nespresso Pro® compatible capsules so you can always serve an extra cup when you have visitors.

Café Royal is the premium brand of the Swiss Delica AG Group. Delica AG was founded in 1954 and is among the largest coffee roasters in Switzerland today.


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Decaffeinated Espresso - Café Royal

50 Capsules for Nespresso Pro®

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