Here is a coffee blend from Lavazza that is made for those who like to treat themselves and their loved ones to a freshly ground espresso. Because Lavazza Espresso Barista has been specially created to grind an espresso in the same manner as a professional Barista would do it.

The Arabica beans in this blend are medium roasted, which has created a full-bodied and intense coffee with floral notes, and a fine interplay between sweetness and acidity.

In other words, with this blend you can grind your own espresso and achieve the expected coffee pleasure that only a freshly brewed espresso can provide. Grind your espresso to perfection - and feel the joy of creation when a Barista tastes it and exclaims: Amico, questo è perfetto !

These coffee beans are recommended for use with espresso machines, and can be stored airtight in the fridge after opening, for best preservation of flavour.

Lavazza is one of Italy's classic coffee brands that can trace its origins back to 1895. Lavazza pioneered the technique of blending coffee from different regions, and is today managed by 4 generations of the Lavazza family out of its headquarters in Turin, where its products are exported worldwide as one of the world's largest coffee companies.


Ristede kaffebønner


Amount (g.)





Aromatic Arabica, Medium roasted beans


1000 grams


Medium (6/10)

Best before


Espresso Barista Perfetto - Lavazza

1000 g. Coffee Beans


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Best koffie ever and at the best price. Ordering is easy an delivery is quick, I will keep ordering here Read More
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