This blend from Gran Caffè Garibaldi is created from a select combination of Robusta beans from two continents: Asia and Africa.

Become a barista in your own home, and create your own coffee experience. Enjoy the opportunity to brew an authentic creamy espresso in the traditional Italian manner.

The very special roasting of the coffee beans has resulted in a deep aroma of toasted bread and dried biscuits. The full-bodied coffee has a syrupy consistency that makes it perfect for those who crave a strong, characterful coffee.

This coffee is suitable for both French presses and filter coffee machines. Grinding the whole beans at home you can easily adjust the aroma, strength and taste to make coffee exactly as you like it.

The bag is specially sealed with a one-way valve, to best preserve the coffee’s taste and aroma. For the optimal experience, we recommend that you grind the coffee just before you use it.

Gran Caffè Garibaldi is a brand of the Italian coffee roastery Gimoka. The company is one of Italy's leading coffee producers with exports to over 50 countries. At Gimoka, high quality is always paramount. Gimoka controls the entire value chain from the harvesting process, to roasting and grinding the coffee beans, and the coffee being packed in the capsules.


Roasted coffee beans


Amount (g.)




Tasting notes

Toasted Bread




Strong (8/10)

Best before


Garibaldi Espresso Bar

1000g. coffee beans


Reviews (16)

Good strong coffee with a bitter aftertaste. Excellent value. Read More
. Read More
Delicious coffee, creates positive emotions with the first sips early in the morning.
Definitely, I will try the other type of coffee from the shop.
Read More
Not good as I was expecting but I’m really sure it’s perfect for a different taste!!! I ordered 4 different coffee beans 🫘 and Garibaldi Espresso Bar was one of the disliked ones… I felt that the beans are quite inflated??? Read More
Nice cup of coffee, but not as strong as I'd like. A nice middle of the road coffee. Read More
This was extremely disappointing coffee. A blend of robusta beans which taste awful. I purchased 2 kg, and have thrown them away. Very annoyed that the kafgekapslen site did not make it clear that this was only a robust blend. Read More
This is my favourite bean at the moment. Intense but subtle...really smooth. Hits the spot every time. Read More
Perfect intensity. Great rich Italian taste. Will definitely order again. Read More
A good cup of coffee, nice and strong without being bitter, will definitely buy again especially at this price. Great service and delivery Read More
Love this coffee buying more very soon Read More
Tasty and stong coffee for good price. Fast delivery and excellent customer service. Thanks from happy customer. Read More
Had coffee from another supplier always used them until now this coffee is much nicer slightly addicted myself very nice you won’t be disappointed Read More
This is a beautiful strong coffee! Absolutely love it Read More
I am very much enjoying this coffee it's just how I like it being strong and rich. Can certainly taste the biscuit in it but I also get a dark chocolate flavour too. Is lovely freshly ground and produces a lovely crema Read More
Very good taste and flavour. I really love this coffee ! Read More

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