Among Jacob's large coffee selections you will find all the Italian coffee classics.

Here Jacobs has come up with their bid for the Espresso's strong cousin 'Ristretto'. A Ristretto is brewed like an Espresso, but differs from the Espresso by being smaller and stronger, as it is brewed with less water and more coffee.

Here you get a refreshing small and strong coffee with a lot of power, which is perfect for busy mornings where you do not have time to sit and enjoy a coffee in peace and quiet, but instead just need a quick shot of energy.

We deliver here this Italian classic in a capsule that brews you a perfect Ristretto in no time.

Jacobs can trace his ancestry back to 1895, when the company was founded in Bremen by Johann Jacobs. Today, Jacobs is Germany's most popular coffee brand, where the well-known crown on Jacobs packages has for decades been a well-known and highly esteemed sight on German coffee tables. Jacobs is today one of Europe's largest coffee producers, and is part of the Dutch Jacobs Douwe Egbert group.

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Jacobs Espresso 12 Ristretto

20 pods for Nespresso®


Reviews (6)

This is a great strong tasting coffee with plenty of flavour and crema. Although it is stated as a Ristretto on the packaging I prefer it as a Lungo with milk.
A great buy at the price!
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Lovely rich flavour, one of my favourites, it's on my reorder list. Read More
Super coffee really rich. Delighted with the ease of ordering online and delivery is very good Read More
The coffee has a great taste and depth of flavour. It never disappoints Read More
Great product and great service. Read More
Excellent coffee, great taste. We use it to make our cappuccino coffee, we find other coffee does not have enough flavour but this is perfect. Read More