Here you get an Espresso with juice and power at the highest end of the strength scale.

For the strong Jacobs Espresso Intenso is composed of a combination of spicy Robusta and fruity Arabica beans of the highest quality, where the beans have subsequently become slowly darkened, to really pull the fine notes from the coffee hidden deep inside the bean.

The result is a powerful and aromatic coffee, which comes with a taste that is spicy, robust and intense, and where the coffee despite its dark character has a bitterness that is still carefully balanced

In other words, here you get a strong coffee with depth and intensity that can really give you a boost.

We supply this aromatic Espresso in 20 aluminium capsules that fit perfectly with your Nespresso® machine.

Jacobs can trace his ancestry back to 1895, when the company was founded in Bremen by Johann Jacobs. Today, Jacobs is Germany's most popular coffee brand, and the famous crown on the package is a familiar sight on German coffee tables. Jacobs is today one of Europe's largest coffee producers, and is part of the Dutch Jacobs Douwe Egbert group.


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Very strong (10/10)

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Jacobs Espresso 10 Intenso

20 pods for Nespresso®


Reviews (4)

Strong rich flavour I like it a lot, but it's not my first choice. Read More
Super coffee half the price of Nespresso and just as good. Good delivery service and good company Read More
Have been hunting for a good and lower cost alternative to the 'originals' and these fit the bill perfectly. Lovely strong flavour and good consistency. On my third order now and will be back. Thanks Read More
I enjoyed the strong taste and intensity of this coffee. It is on my list for reordering. Read More