Here you get a nice and practical original coffee glass from L'OR. The glass comes with a distinctive L'OR logo and a gilded rim, so there's no doubt that the glass is perfect for L'OR coffee.

The glass is created in a solid heat-resistant glass that ensures that the coffee stays hot for a long time, protects against burning your fingers and that you have a good drinking comfort. With its 70 ml capacity, it also has the perfect dimensions for a L'OR Espresso.

In other words, you get an original L'OR coffee glass that not only looks good, but also keeps you warm and comfortable to drink from.

So here you can easily enjoy your favourite L'OR in a cup that it will undoubtedly feel right at home in.

To keep the coffee glass looking good for as long as possible, we recommend not putting it in the dishwasher.






L'OR Espresso cup

70 ml.

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