De’Longhi Eco Multiclean is an effective cleaning product for capsule machines with built-in milk frothers and milk nozzles, which is made from organic, biodegradable and sustainable ingredients.

If your capsule machine has a built-in milk system, this system can easily become dirty and full of bacteria over time. This can not only affect the performance of your milk system, but it can also affect the taste of your milk and coffee.

With De’Longhi Eco Multiclean you can easily clean and remove grease from your milk system in places that aren’t easy to reach so that you have a clean system in optimal condition.

User instructions:

For a machine with a built-in milk nozzle, mix 10ml of Eco Multiclean with 90ml of water and pour the solution in the machine’s water tank. You then have the machine run the milk programme once, and then repeat the process with clean water to rinse out the system.

If you have a built-in milk frother please disconnect it if possible and put it into a container with the cleaning agent.

If you cannot disconnect the milk frother please dip it into a tall container or such with the cleaning agent and make sure that the milk frother is completely covered by the mixture. We recommend that the milk frother stay in the cleaning solution for 20-30 minutes to ensure optimal cleaning.

Afterwards, you should rinse with clean water, and it is ready to be used to prepare a perfect cappuccino or latte.

You can also use the mixture to clean the outside of your capsule machine to remove coffee stains and grime.






De’Longhi Eco Multiclean DLSC550 Milk system cleaner

250 ml. for Espresso Machines

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