Here is the ideal descaling solution for your espresso machine, made with natural ingredients that make your machine feel almost as good as new!

De’Longhi, experts in coffee and coffee accessories, has created this descaling solution to help restore your machine to optimal hygienic conditions without the use of polluting chemicals.

Coffee machines help you enjoy your favourite beverage whenever you need it, and for it to continue doing so, you need to take good care of your machine. It is therefore important to clean and descale your machine regularly. This allows the machine to funtion correctly and keep doing what it does best.

Limescale build up in the machine can make the coffee taste differently, increase the brewing time, and cause a lot of noise from the machine. With De’Longhi’s EcoDecalk solution, you will have 5 doses for your machine’s care.






Delonghi Descaler Eco Decalk DLSC500

5 Doses for Espresso Machines

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