Gevalia has graced Scandinavian coffee tables for decades. It is a brand famous across the region for its slogan, 'What coffee do you want to offer unexpected guests?”

Gevalia is now also available for Tassimo, so you can easily and quickly brew a nice cup of Gevalia coffee for yourself or your guests, unexpected or otherwise.

Ebony is Gevalia's dark roast variety, delivered here in a large cup for Tassimo.

You get a full-bodied coffee created from 100% Arabica beans, which comes with lots of flavour and an intense aroma. In other words, you get the classic Gevalia taste, but with a little deeper and darker tones.

It is brewed easily and quickly in your Tassimo, where the machine uses smart barcode technology to recognise the pod, and apply the perfect temperature, time and amount of water to make an optimal cup.

We supply this tasteful dark roasted variety in 16 T-Discsthat fit perfectly with your Tassimo machine.

Since 1853, Gevalia has supplied households with coffee. Gevalia has now expanded from Sweden to become one of the largest coffee brands in Northern Europe, with a special focus on Denmark, Sweden and the Baltic countries.


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Gevalia Ebony

16 pods for Tassimo


Reviews (37)

Really great flavour, can enjoy this one anytime of day and leaves a very pleasant aftertaste which lingers. Read More
Lovely coffee with full flavour. Read More
Another delicious coffee by Gevalia. They are all wonderful and I look forward to having a coffee break with one of them. This is particularly tasty Read More
Lovely Taste great Price Great Company too deal with Read More
I have never had this coffee before and have really enjoyed it will buy again a nice strong blend of coffee with the milk pods x Read More
Rich, dark, smooth nothing more to say
perfect coffee for those horrible winter days
Read More
I purchase this for my husband to use as he loves Gevalia Ebony. The price is absolutely excellent, I can't get any where near that from any other company. Yes, it takes a bit longer to arrive in the UK, but all that means is you have to make sure you are organised and order in plenty of time. Read More
Oh boy this coffee is like rocket fuel! When you need a quick boost then this is the one! Read More
We've tasted many makes of coffee, including Gevalia's. The ebony tastes the richest but smoothest. It is wonderful black or with a bit of frothed milk. All in all a quality product.
The delivery is also very accurate and informative along the way.
Read More
Great tasting coffee just the right strength with no bitter after taste Read More
Decided to try something different from my usual, glad I did, really smooth will buy again Read More
Good strong coffee,very tasty. Read More
This is a really nice good strong coffee - full bodied with lots of flavour. A good mid-morning cuppa. Read More
Of all the Gevalia range Gevalia Ebony is the nicest of them all, decent strength of flavour and ultra smooth.
I would drink this one everyday... even more than costa.
Read More
Strong smooth coffee. Great to start the day or anytime. Read More