If you're looking for a tasty tea to sip on at work or home, look no further than these KaffeKapslen Earl Grey pods for your Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine!

This classic black tea comes in pods that are quick and easy to use, no need to mess around with tea bags. This popular tea blend is flavoured with bergamot which gives the black tea its unique taste. Simply insert the pod, hit the button and your delicious Kafeekapslen Earl Grey tea with a soft, balanced flavour will be ready in no time at all. Earl Grey is a popular tea across the world and is also said to have cardiovascular and digestion benefits.

The pods are compatible with all Nescafe Dolce Gusto branded machines.


Black tea with natural aroma.


Number of pods


Number of cups





Dolce Gusto

Tasting notes

Citrus Fruit

Cup size

Regular Cup


Medium (5/10)

Best before


Earl Grey Tea

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (9)

Love it, yes it's only for a small cup, and that's all you need if you're not a fitness freak, as the larger size suits those who are always active, but a good boost for those of us less so Read More
I have my first lot of this tea. Unfortunatelly it is not an earl grey. It taste as normal tea. On top of that the portion is extreamly small. Read More
I really like the taste of this tea but it's a bit more expensive than using bags and the size of the drink is quite small. Read More
Very nice,my wife and son both love it and would recommend it to any tea lovers Read More
Lovely Read More
i really enjoyed this tea. great flavour Read More
Brought this tea too try out not sure why kazlau rated 3☆☆☆ only due to "small cup volume" as its advertised as 110ml which means a small tea cup size drink.
Flavour wise its actually not bad at all and If you have the dolce gusto with the added Espresso bean button on you can get a stronger flavour from the pod.
Set to min water 1 bar and press the Espresso button this will fill the pod without bursting it to release the water and hold it in the pod for about 5 seconds after that it will continue to pressurise the pod and flow out 1 bar worth of tea once that's done up the bars to 5 and press start and of cause you will end up with a larger quantity then advertised about 220ml and still a great flavour tea.
Will definitely buy more
Read More
delighted when i saw tea on the list - not a very strong flavour to be honest but not much choice out there for regular tea drinkers - i would buy again but just use smaller teacup rather than a mug Read More
Small cup volume is thd main reason for 3 stars. Not overly earl grey flavoured either. Read More