Have you tried Europe's strongest coffee capsule? Our new Dynamite Coffee contains 4 times as much caffeine as an average energy drink, so if you have trouble waking up in the morning, this capsule is just for you!

This coffee is actually the strongest coffee that has ever been put up for sale on the Coffee Capsule, so if we could give it 99 on our strength scale, we would without hesitation do so. Because here you get an explosive cup with an intensity so high that it should be banned on the anti-doping list for professional athletes.

Where an energy drink typically contains 35 milligrams of caffeine per 110 ml, our Dynamite Coffee contains 143 grams of milligrams of caffeine per. 110 ml.

Dynamite Coffe is intended to be brewed as Espresso. If you want to extract as much caffeine out of the capsule as at all possible, consider brewing it as a Lungo instead. Then you get a coffee with juice and power so you can wake up in the morning.

So if you're into extra strong coffee, our Dynamite capsules are just what you need. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy an extra intense coffee. Because here we have packed a lightning bolt down in a capsule.

Warning: Extremely high caffeine content. Should not be enjoyed by children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

This product has no affilitation with nor is it produced by or recognised by Nespresso®.


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Dynamite Coffee

10 pods for Nespresso®


Reviews (38)

This didn’t always go through the machine well and put coffee grounds in the cup. Taste ok though. I would consider this strong not dynamite. Read More
this will actually blow your head off. Enjoy :-) Read More
I love this strong coffee and this is what I have when I get up to set me up for the day. Read More
Nice and strong just what I need in a morning to give me a boost Read More
Excellent well rounded taste with just the right degree of strength and no bitterness. Read More
Great coffee at a great price, Kaffekapslen are great communicators 5* Read More
This is a pleasant-tasting coffee, with super-high levels of caffeine. This works great as a pre-workout or something to give you a caffeine boost when you need to be productive and focused.

Will buy it again.
Read More
Great product, super strong coffee ☕️ 💪 Read More
Strong blow your head off coffee.
Does exactly what it days on the tin.
All the coffees are at a fair price.
Read More
This coffee brought back memories...of being a smoker...had ashtray vibes it was so smokey and bitter. Not a fan as you can guess. Read More
Very good.
Very similar to some of the "worlds strongest" I've tried & alot cheaper too. Will be ordering again.
Read More
Absolutely vile, it may be strong, but I cannot drink it. I'll have to try and use it diluted with some other coffee... Read More
This is what I call a truly excellent coffee. I don't drink anything else. Truly wonderful value. If there were 10 stars I would awart this coffee 10. Read More
The taste is not great but not bad either. I have this coffee when I get headaches due to stiff neck and it really helps! The caffeine level in it is almost like having two coffees at once. Read More
To be fair, I really didn’t think it was gonna be a great taste being the price but was I wrong. Really nice taste,nice and strong. Highly recommended. Read More