A regular descaling of your coffee machine is a routine all coffee machine owners should make a habit. A regular descaling will ensure your machines longevity as well as ensure it always functions in an optimal way.

The presence of limescale in water means that, over time, there will be limescale deposits in your machine. In small amounts it cannot cause a lot of damage, but if your machine is not regularly descaled, it can cause a bigger build-up of limescale, which can cause a lot of problems for your machine. A machine with a lot of limescale deposit will not only affect the taste of your coffee’s quality, but it will also lengthen brewing time, and worst case scenario will shorten your machine’s life span.

When your machine needs a descaling you will note that it will make more noise when brewing, and you may notice that the brewing time is longer, and the coffee doesn’t taste quite like it usually does.

It is always a good idea to regularly descale your machine, and a rule of thumb is to do so once a month, or once every two months at minimum.

Descaling gives the following advantages:

  • Longer longevity for your machine
  • Ensures the right temperature
  • Ensures the right amount of coffee is brewed
  • The machine vibrates less during brewing
  • Avoids functional errors

We highly recommend you descale your machine at regular intervals so that you always have a machine that works in an optimal fashion and continues brewing quality coffee.

Take care of your Caffitaly machine by descaling it – your machine will love you for it.








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