Descaling is a maintenance routine that you as a coffee machine owner should always take seriously. With regular descaling you ensure that you always have a machine that is in top shape.

Descaling is necessary due to high calcium content of water. If the machine is not descaled regularly, limescale will accumulate throughout the machine, which can result in a wide range of problems. A machine full of limescale will, for example, reduce coffee quality, in addition to extending the brewing time. In the worst case, a large accumulation of limescale can even lead to malfunctions that can shorten the life of your machine.

It is therefore always a good idea to descale your machine regularly, and as a general rule of thumb we recommend descaling once every month, or at the very least once every 2 months.

To descale your Senseo, you can use this product from Philips itself, to ensure that your machine works optimally. The product is made with citric acid, which ensures the best descaling without damaging your machine.

After a descaling you get the following benefits:

• Better tasting coffee
• The machine brews at the right temperature
• The service life of the machine is extended
• Less noise during brewing
• Malfunctions are prevented

So pamper your Senseo with a descaling, and let your machine reward you by brewing cup after cup to perfection.








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Senseo Descaler

2 doses of descaling liquid

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