Prolong the life of your machine with EcoDecalk Mini!

Descaling is the best ally for coffee machine owners all over the world. Not only it helps you maintain the optimal hygienic conditions of your machine, but it betters the flavour of the coffee and reduces the potential for limescale-related damage to your coffee machine.

DeLonghi's EcoDecalk Mini is a great instrument to help you with this. This eco-friendly descaling solution is compatible with most machines with a water tank, and each pack contains a 100ml bottle, perfect for one descaling cycle. Not only, but this descaler is also made of natural ingredients that will help you prevent limescale and act quickly and effectively on the pre-existing build-up. 

Take care of your machine and enjoy better, creamier coffee with EcoDecalk Mini!






Delonghi Descaler Eco Decalk mini DLSC101

1 Dose for Espresso Machines

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