DeLonghi's EcoDecalk is the perfect descaling solution for you who prefer using natural ingredients to maintain the health of your machine.  

Descaling may seem tiresome, but it is essential to ensure the machine functions correctly and stays in good health. Additionally, the accumulation of limescale can affect the taste of your drinks, making them less creamy and masking some of the coffee's flavours. It can also make the machine noisier.

That's why DeLonghi has developed eco-friendly descalers like EcoDecalk, designed to assist you in caring for your machine using natural ingredients. This product helps restore your machine to its optimal hygienic conditions quickly and effectively while stirring away from nasty and polluting chemicals. 

Bid farewell to limescale and embrace a healthy machine that produces better-tasting drinks with EcoDecalk.






Delonghi Descaler Eco Decalk DLSC202

2 Doses for Espresso Machines

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