Among Gimoka's selection for Caffitaly you will find all the coffee classics, including of course different Espressos of varying tastes and strengths.

'Deciso' coffee is a bit of a rarity, because it is blend created exclusively from Robusta beans, grown in 3 countries not as famed for their coffee as some others: Indonesia, Vietnam and Uganda.

This is a dark-roasted coffee with an unusually strong taste, and more bitter tones than you, as an experienced coffee drinker, will probably be used to. The taste is compact and intense, with notes of cocoa and dried fruit. It also has body and a long and rich aftertaste.

It is a coffee that divides opinion and probably will not appeal to everyone. But if you, as a coffee lover, are looking for a new experience then you almost owe it to yourself to try a pure Robusta at least once, and assess whether it is something for you.

A change can be refreshing - and who knows, maybe a new favourite awaits you.

We deliver this special coffee experience quickly to your door, in a pack of 10 pods that will fit perfectly in your Caffitaly machine.

Gimoka is one of Italy's leading coffee roasters that can trace its ancestry back to the early 1980s. From its base in Andalo Valtellino, Lombardies, Gimoka currently exports coffee to over 50 countries.


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Cocoa, Wood, Dried fruit

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Very strong (10/10)

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Gimoka Deciso

10 pods for Caffitaly

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