Senseo caffeine free is for those who want to enjoy the taste of a good cup of coffee, but also want to save on caffeine.

The coffee is nice and round in taste, with a creamy top, and is like the Classic variant made on a well-balanced mix of Arabica and Robusta beans

Unfortunately, decaffeinated coffees often have an undeserved reputation that they can in no way compete with a 'real' coffee when it comes to taste and aroma. However, this is far from the case, because with a modern decaffeinated coffee like the one you get here, you can hardly taste the difference between it and a caffeinated coffee.

Therefore, here is a coffee that you can enjoy with serenity without having to worry about the invigorating effects of caffeine. It is therefore ideal as an evening coffee, or if you are particularly sensitive to caffeine, as a pleasant afternoon coffee that you can safely enjoy without having to worry about its effect on your night's sleep.

Your Senseo machine brews it to perfection, and we deliver your coffee as always at a reasonable price, lightning fast and right to your doorstep.


Ristet og malet koffeinfri kaffe


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Senseo Decaf

36 pods for Senseo


Reviews (10)

Excellent coffee especially making a latte. My friends can't tell it's decaf. Read More
Excellent coffee good price like all their coffees also the Company Read More
Very good taste, an excellent decaf coffee Read More
Excellent quality and taste - almost indistinguishable from non-decaf.
Delivery well communicated but a little slower than some.
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Excellent quality and service. Delivery a little slower than others. Read More
Long time love of this coffee but only just found this source. Excellent price and great service with ongoing communication on delivery Read More
The best decaf coffee money can buy and a great price from Kaffekapslen. Tastes as good a caffeinated coffee without the caffeine hit. Read More
Perfect as usual Read More
Very nice and flavourful coffee, almost indistinguishable from the caffeine variety. Excellent service and comms from Kaffekapslen. Will order again when supply runs out. Read More
Well-communicated delivery (UK) and product as expected! Read More