Lavazza Espresso Caffeine Free pods for Nespresso® are a mix of full-bodied Brazilian Arabica and sweet South-East Asian Robusta beans. They combine to make a velvety Italian coffee with aromatic notes of cereals and dried fruit.

Want to enjoy a quality coffee without the effects of caffeine? Lavazza Espresso Caffeine Free pods are just what you need. And what’s more, the natural caffeine removal process preserves the sweet, rich taste and aroma of the beans. If you need a coffee in the evening and don’t want to ruin a good night’s sleep, these capsules are quick and easy to use. Simply insert one into your Nespresso machine, press the button and you’ll be enjoying a caffine-free treat in no time at all.

Lavazza was founded in Turin in 1895 and has stood for Italian quality for over a hundred years. One pack contains 10 aluminium pods for 10 servings.

The aluminium pods preserve the quality of the coffee and are infinitely recyclable. Lavazza Espresso Caffeine Free pods for Nespresso® are compatible with Nespresso® machines.

These capsules/pods are not affiliated with nor produced, approved or endorsed by Nestlé®.


Number of pods


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Tasting notes

Dried fruit


Decaffeinated, Aluminium

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Strong (7/10)

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Lavazza Decaf

10 pods for Nespresso®


Reviews (4)

Absolutely love this coffee and this website have great prices and fantastic delivery. I only buy my capsules from here now Read More
We really like lavazza decaff ground coffee. We were really disappointed with this very thin capsule coffee. Drinkable if you make it extra strong perhaps Read More
Great taste Read More
This is a perfectly drinkable, balanced, coffee, but I prefer intensity a little bit stronger (see Kaffekapslen's own decaff at intensity 8), so won't become my daily decaff (currently the Nespresso own decaffs at intensity 9 and 10, drunk as a lungo with coconut milk).
It is a little more towards the lighter, fruity taste rather than a nutty roast taste, so is inoffensive. For me personally that leaves Kaffekapslen's own decaff as a preferable choice.)
Read More