Since 1907, the Spanish Marcilla brand has been among the coffee favourites in the southern regions of Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Marcilla's Espresso has an intense taste and a nice crema. It brews perfectly in your Tassimo, where the machine recognises the pod through smart Intellibrew technology, so it knows exactly what temperature, time and amount of water to use to brew a perfect Espresso according to the capsule's specifications.

Marcilla's Espresso is a classic that you'll come across time and time again in cafes across the south - and while you may be in more remote latitudes, you can now easily enjoy this classic in the comfort of your own home.

With Marcilla's decaffeinated Espresso, you can enjoy a nice cup of espresso as an afternoon or evening coffee without fear of disturbing your sleep. The taste is classic Marcilla - aromatic and intense, but with the advantage of not keeping you unnecessarily awake. It can therefore be combined with a classic Marcilla Espresso as a morning coffee, and this one as an afternoon coffee, together with a delicious piece of dark chocolate, for example.

Marcilla Espresso represents the classic Southern European coffee culture. Here is an Espresso that defines what an Espresso should be.


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Dark roasted beans, Sweetness



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Strong (8/10)

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Marcilla Decaffeinated Espresso

16 pods for Tassimo


Reviews (12)

This is a really good decaff espresso. Has a smooth but rich flavour. I have to confess I usually run it through the machine twice just to have a larger cup, but even then the flavour is still great. Read More
Was of the small number of decaf options (would expect some more decaf products) but overall happy with it Read More
Great taste Read More
This is my favourite first cup at eleven sets , although I admit to having more than one Read More
Really like this coffee and hard to get in UK, this was good price and service. Read More
My wife drank espresso coffee for many years as a drinks choice. When she was advised by her doctors to reduce her caffine intake, she switched to Marcilla Decaffinated espresso. She loves the tast and the colour and this is her drink of choice having tried many different makes. Great product. Read More
love the taste and got it because its decaf wish it was a larger cup though Read More
So pleased as my friend only drinks decaf coffee,so can enjoy excellent coffee with friends. Read More
Very nice to be honest. First time I'd tried this brand. It's more like an espresso but I just run the capsule through about 3 times and its great! Read More
When I want the lovely taste of this fabulous coffee without the caffeine hit, this is the one I reach for every day. It's such a fabulous strength and smooth on the palate. Kaffekapslen make the purchasing easy, cost effective and keep you informed all the way through, love it! Read More
Very good coffee, dark and full flavour.
shame it comes only in espresso size.
Read More