With Dallmayr's Crema d'Oro, you are guaranteed a taste experience in its own league. Here you get a classic crema coffee, which is a very special variation on coffee, particularly popular in the Germanic countries.

A caffè crema like this is a coffee variant which in its style and brewing technique is closely related to a Lungo, but where the coffee is ground coarser than in an espresso blend, and with a degree of grinding which is mainly used to make filter coffee.

Here, Dallmayr has created a crema coffee on medium-roasted Arabica beans, and completely without the use of Robusta, which is otherwise often the case for espresso coffee. The result is a cup with a nice silky soft crema, and a well-balanced and harmonious body with a certain intensity, but without it becoming too intense. The taste notes are nutty, with a mild acidity which is completed by an aftertaste with minimal bitterness.

Here you get a coffee with the best qualities from both filter and espresso coffee. The intensity of the espresso brewing, but balanced by a softer body from the filter-ground Arabica beans.

One can really sense that it is no coincidence that Dallmayr's holds the position as one of Germany's most exclusive and popular coffee brands. Because here a truly quality coffee is created on a solid coffee craft, with a taste that can not be mistaken.

The Dallmayr Group is headquartered in Munich, and has a history dating back to the 18th century. Dallmayr is one of Germany's best-known coffee brands, but in addition to coffee, the group is also known for tea and food, with a special focus on the delicacy segment.


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Dolce Gusto

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Nescafé Dallmayr Crema D'Oro

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (4)

A smooth and creamy coffee, with a nice 'bite'. Will definitely be ordering again Read More
This is a really nice coffee with a big head and great everyday taste. My favourite from last order, gonna need a bigger box Read More
This is a nice espresso type coffee with a good crema.
Much better that the Dallmayr Café Latte which is much like Nescafé 's Cafe Au Lait- bitter but without the depth.
Read More
Well pleased with the favour Read More