Do you grind your own coffee yourself? Here you get a whole 1 kg, so you will have enough beans to keep the coffee grinder busy for a while.

Our Crema Everyday Coffee is made from a blend created from medium-roasted Arabica (60%) and Robusta beans (40%), which has resulted in a creamy mild coffee with a round body and a slightly sour aftertaste.

This is a straightforward coffee that is excellent as everyday coffee. This coffee can be brewed in a filter machine or with a French press. The addition of Robusta has made it extra creamy, which makes it particularly suitable for a milky coffee such as a Latte or a Café Au Lait.

Grinding the beans yourself you can adjust the grain to get exactly the coffee that suits you. You can adjust the aroma, strength and taste to create a coffee with the taste that suits you best. For example, a finer grain makes a coffee with more bitterness, and a coarser grain makes a coffee with more acidity. You are the one who knows your taste in coffee best.

Grinding the beans yourself you get a richer and more nuanced coffee experience and, as an added bonus, the delicious aroma of freshly ground coffee flooding your kitchen.

For optimal results, we recommend you grind the coffee just before using it.


Roasted coffee beans


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Medium (6/10)

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Crema - Everyday Coffee

1000 g. coffee beans


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