It's there from the moment you wake up in the morning until the last cup of coffee before you go to bed. Your Nespresso® machine takes good care of you, and so should you.

The hardness of the water in Denmark means that our coffee machines and kettles often become calcified. So remember to descale it at least every 3 months - depending on how much you use it, of course.

In addition, your Nespresso® machine brews so much coffee that it can often cause dirt and bacteria to build up in the system. Not only is this unhygienic, it also affects the taste of your coffee.

With this cleaning kit from Caffenu, we've made sure you can easily and effectively take the best care of your machine. The kit contains one dose of descaling agent and 4 cleaning pods to ensure your Nespresso® machine performs like new.

Why should you use the Caffenu Cleaning Kit?

- It removes dirt, bacteria and limescale quickly and effectively.

- It extends the life of your Nespresso® machine.

- It ensures the optimal taste experience.

- It reduces preparation time.

- It is an environmentally friendly solution that also ensures optimal power consumption.

These pods are not associated with, produced by or endorsed by Nestlé®.








Cleaning Kit - Caffenu

Cleaning pods and descaler for Nespresso®


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Very good product, didn't realise how dirty the inside of the machine was, will be buying again Read More