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Here is a great way to stock up on delicious coffee.

If you often get guests or if you like trying out new coffee recipes, you need to make sure you have enough coffee beans to do so.

We have therefore put together a DeLonghi Classico Espresso starter pack where you get four bags of 1000g. You’ll definitely have enough coffee for all your coffee and caffeine needs!

This espresso is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans from South America, Africa, and India. The result is a sweet flavour with fruity notes that is perfect for an espresso or as the base for a cappuccino or latte. With beans, you can decide yourself how you want to prepare and brew them. You pick the grind yourself to use with your preferred brewing method.

We recommend that you grind your beans just before use so as to get the best flavour and aroma.


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Delonghi Classico Espresso

1000 g. coffee beans

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