Now you can also get the Kaffekapslen's popular Everyday Coffee series for the Senseo system. With our Kaffekapslen Everyday Coffee, you get a coffee an attractive price, that is particularly suitable for everyday use.

Kaffekapslen’s Classico is made from medium-roasted Arabica and Robusta beans, and has a strength in the middle part of the scale. It is a coffee that is both suitable as morning coffee to cheer you up, but which can also be enjoyed as afternoon coffee.

In other words, with Kaffekapslen’s Classico you get a straightforward coffee for daily use. Here is a coffee that comes with a traditional coffee flavour, with slightly sour fruity tones, an aromatic body and a pleasant but slightly bitter aftertaste.

In other words, it is a coffee with a familiar and reassuring taste that can be drunk again and again without getting boring. It is a no nonsense coffee, suitable for quenching the coffee thirst whenever it may strike during the day.

We deliver it at a reasonable price, in pods that fit perfectly with your Senseo machine.


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Classic - Everyday Coffee

36 pods for Senseo


Reviews (24)

This coffee is a game changer taste of fresh without the mess 😋 And you can use it in any machine that does ground in that cup style holder , I have a Swan Nordic and it works great , but had a friend on the rush and made it in the cup 🫣 but loved it so if you want Great price ,flavour and convenience you need this in your life , found the site just browsing but best thing I did 😀 Read More
Great everyday coffee great taste Read More
I am very pleased with these Senseo Pods. I use them in an ESE Portafilter in a Swan Coffee Machine. and they work great. Nice Crema and delicious taste at a good price not quite as good as the Lavazza brand but still nice to drink. Read More
Very quick delivery and great price. The classic blend is perfect for me and others who don't want their coffee too strong but tasty. Read More
Can definitely taste the quality of these coffee pods!Best I have tried by far! Read More
The price of the Senseo type coffee pods was considerably less than the Senseo branded ones themselves and the taste is just as good. Ordering was easy and they were delivered on time. Read More
As good as the official senseo pods.
Read More
Very nice coffee, wonderful service: it arrived exactly when promised Read More
Excellent coffee and value Read More
The coffrée is amazing tasty and fresh Read More
Great coffee products, brilliant prices and great sale items too. Quick delivery and good communication too.
Read More
Mellow coffee, good for Sunday brunch Read More
Great coffee and very affordable! Read More
Great coffee for a very reasonable price, and fast delivery as well!
Altogether a very positive experience ordering from Kaffekapseln
Read More
Best coffee for using in a senseo machine . Much cheaper too Read More