Do you love grinding your own coffee beans? With a whole 1 kg you will have more than enough beans to keep the coffee grinder busy.

Our Classic Everyday Coffee is created from a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, resulting in a mild medium-roasted coffee with notes of nuts and a floral body.

This is a versatile, no nonsense coffee that can be used daily, meaning freshly ground coffee is always on hand. This coffee is suitable as a filter coffee and for French presses or espresso machines. It also goes well with milk and sugar.

Grinding the beans yourself, you will get exactly the ground coffee that suits you. With whole beans that you grind yourself, you can adjust the aroma, strength and taste to create the coffee that suits you best. Finely ground beans give the coffee a more bitter taste, while courser ground beans give the coffee a more sour taste. Its up to you what tastes best.

You get a fuller and more nuanced coffee when you grind the beans yourself and, as an added bonus, the delightful aroma of freshly ground coffee flooding your kitchen.

For best results, we recommend you grind the coffee just before using it.


Roasted coffee beans


Amount (g.)




Tasting notes

Nuts, Flowers




Strong (7/10)

Best before


Classic - Everyday Coffee

1000 g. coffee beans


Reviews (25)

Lovely roast, works well for a morning long coffee as well as a short, intense, after lunch shot. Read More
Good everyday coffee but a little too ordinary for me. Read More
The coffee order arrived on time. We were delighted with the quality and flavour of the coffee beans we had ordered. We had been concerned that, because the coffee wasn’t as expensive as other brands, it might not be as good. So you can imagine our delight having tasted our first cup of coffee supplied by you. Smooth and full of flavour. Read More
Great coffee for lower price! Read More
Very tasty and very smooth. I would buy again and again just from you. Thank you!
Read More
The best coffee ever!! And price is affordable!!😊 Read More
More people have to know about this! I have really funny stomach so, its hard to find good coffee beans to me. But, these coffee beans are amazing taste and strong enough! Just order it! Read More
Really nice coffee to drink have ordered plenty Read More
Using a Philips 5400 coffee machine and Kaffekapslen every day coffee we get a perfect cup of coffee every time, no mater which program we use. Read More
Very good Read More
I have been purchasing this for over a year. I love it such a simple day to day coffee. Nothing fancy just a delicious cup every time. I love the kaffekapslen coffee beans. The original the crema and the extra strong. Fantastic prices too Read More
Great coffee Read More
Easy to drink, creamy not harsh and tasty Read More
Lovely coffee worth the money Read More
This is the only one I've opened so far of the half dozen different coffee types that were delivered a couple of weeks ago.

I will not be buying this one again as it is too weak and bland for my taste.

I hope and expect that I will find others that match my taste in the remaining assortment.
I deliberately bought a scattergun selection of coffees, hoping to find ones that I like at Kaffekapslen's excellent prices.
Read More

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