Dolce Vita is an Italian brand that has made a series of coffee drinks in different flavors created in café style. They are especially suitable for those who want to save on caffeine, or for the youngest who are not quite ready for a full coffee yet.

This delicious chocolate based variant, 'Cioccomenta' is a great example of this. Dolce Vita Cioccomenta comes with a rich coffee and dark mint chocolate flavor, but has a minimal caffeine content, so you can have a nice cup of evening coffee, without having to worry unnecessarily about your night's sleep.

Dolce Vita has here with the Cioccomenta variant given an offer for an exciting new coffee drink. The elegant combination of coffee and dark mint chocolate produces a rich flavor that nonetheless belongs at the milder end of the caffeine scale.

In other words, here is a delicious and innovative taste experience, which we are sure will find many followers - for a good cup of dark coffee, in our opinion, always goes very well with a piece of delicious dark chocolate, and here you get both in one.

Dolce Vita Cioccomenta is brewed perfectly in your Nespresso® machine, but remember to have it brewed with the espresso button on your machine, so you get the best result.

These capsules/pods are not affiliated with nor produced, approved or endorsed by Nestlé®.


Sugar, skimmed MILK powder, fully hydrogenated vegetable fats (coconut), glucose syrup, low-fat cocoa powder (6%), instant coffee (4%), MILK proteins, stabilizers (E340, E452), LACTOSE (MILK), salt, anti-caking agents (E341, E551), emulsifiers (E471, E472e), flavors.


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Dolce Vita



Tasting notes

Chocolate, Mint

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Medium (5/10)

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Mint-chocolate - Dolce Vita

10 pods for Nespresso®


Reviews (20)

Used to like these but sometimes I find them dangerous they back fire and don't pierce properly and the fact they've increased price by 35p a packet when others in this range are still much cheaper unfortunately I'm opting out of buying these now. Read More
Great value for money and taste Read More
Unfortunately not to my taste is does taste of mint and chocolate but more minty than choclately strange after taste not one for me Read More
Absolutely delicious! Definitely a favourite. Really tasty and very minty Read More
Absolutely delicious! Will definitely be ordering more of these ones!! Read More
Lovely taste at a fantastic price Read More
Nice, gentle, mint and chocolate flavours. It was never going to beat a creamy hot chocolate made with milk, but it's great for a quick hit of sweetness before bed. Read More
Very nice. Good hit of chocolate mint, although not much coffee. I'd have to be careful with these or I'd finish a pack off in a few days!!! Read More
Tastes like liquid After Eight chocolates! Good flavour. Read More
First time I have tried this product and we found it to be very smooth and very tasteful really pleasant after a meal. Read More
Tastes like mint hot chocolate, exactly as advertised. Depth of flavour is not that strong but to be expected for the price. Read More
It's alright. Nothing amazing but not horrendous either. It does smell fantastic! Read More
Such a nice drink to unwind with after a long day, we found it mixes so well with some mint chocolate ice cream for an affogato Read More
Lovely mint flavour. I think it would make a great ice coffee, I think the coffee itself could perhaps be a bit stronger. Read More
This smelled amazing but it did not have a very minty taste. Read More