Coffee and chocolate always go well together, and are usually enjoyed in two parts - a piece of delicious chocolate and a cup of coffee. Café René has created a coffee where chocolate has already been applied to the coffee during roasting. The result is a new and exciting taste experience, where you get the best of coffee and chocolate in one cup.

This is a quite unique taste, but one that is definitely worth a try if you like a piece of good chocolate with your coffee.

The coffee is created blending Arabica beans and Robusta beans, and the taste is classic coffee mixed with a distinct chocolate flavour.

If you like to find new exciting coffee variations, this variety is definitely one we can recommend. Who knows? maybe this is just the coffee you have always been looking for. 

We deliver this exciting and unconventional variety at an attractive price, in a pod that fits perfectly with your Nespresso® machine.

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These pods are not compatible with L'OR Barista machines.


Ristet og malet kaffe


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Café René




Chocolate, Acidic Robusta, Aromatic Arabica


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Café René Chocolate Coffee

10 pods for Nespresso®


Reviews (13)

I was expecting this to be sweet. Fortunately, it is not. Just coffee with a chocolate flavour. Read More
Smells gorgeously chocolatey but taste is not as strong. A nice coffee though. Read More
Very tasty, recommended Read More
Compared with other product, the flavour is not the best Read More
Smooth and strong with a good chocolate taste, will definitely buy again Read More
The tasty is not so good. Its look like water and a little bit chocolate. Read More
Great for the price Read More
I've been buying random Nespresso compatible coffee pods from various places and decided to give these a try. I wasn't disappointed as there's a real hit of chocolate within the coffee, I have tried making a latte but to do this coffee justice it's better made as a lungo without milk. I'll definitely be buying more of these. Read More
I love adding these alongside a normal coffee pod to get some flavour, not too overpowering Read More
Well I like coffee and I like chocolate but I’m afraid I am not a fan of this mixture. I found it was a strange flavour and it left a nasty aftertaste. I won’t be buying again. Read More
Really really nice chocolate coffee, just the right coffee kick for me. Loved it. Read More
Nice chocolate taste. will be ordering again. Read More
Good chocolate taste, a lot of these are very weak but not this one. Excellent Read More