Did you know that your Dolce Gusto® machine can also be used to make a delicious cup of tea?

One good example is this delicious Chai Tea Latte. This is Café René’s take on the Indian tea classic 'Chai Latte', also known as Masala Chai.

Try this classic Indian chai – a black, spicy tea made with spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cardamom, and brewed with warm milk. The chai flavours are like a party on your palate.

A proper Masala Chai always comes with a good portion of milk. Café René has made it easy to make your very own Chai Latte at home – all you need is one single pod to create a delicious, large cup, as the milk has already been added to the pod.

Café René’s Chai Tea Latte is an exotic tea with a delightful, spicy flavour that you can enjoy from morning to evening.

We deliver Café René’s Chai Tea Latte in pods that fit perfectly in your Dolce Gusto® machine.

Café René is a trademark of a third party not affiliated with Dolce Gusto®.


sugar, skimmed MILK powder, WHEY powder, tea extract, natural flavourings (cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and aniseed, anti-caking agent (e-551).


Number of pods


Number of cups



Café René


Dolce Gusto

Tasting notes

Ginger, Black tea, Cinnamon, Cardamom

Cup size

Large Cup


Medium (5/10)

Best before


Nutrition Information per 100 g.

Energy, kcal




Fat (g)


- of which saturated fats (g)




- of which sugars


Chai Tea Latte - René

16 pods for Dolce Gusto®


Reviews (62)

Not strong enough for me , have been dipping a tea bag in to strengthen. I suppose ok for the price but will try a different brand next time Read More
This is very good price for the product tastes great will more this month delivered very well packed and very happy can't stop drinking them Read More
Will definitely be ordering more soon Read More
Easy ordering, fast delivery and great tasting product. In my opinion this tastes better than some branded products, smooth, rich and full of flavour. Will be purchasing again. Read More
A firm favourite in our house, this one is on every single order. Always perfect.
Such a lovely smell and taste to them.
Read More
Could be stronger in flavour- very milky in my opinion Read More
Very nice Read More
A very nice drink. Ful of flavour. Read More
Very tasty spicy tea. Read More
Gorgeous my favourite Read More
Very nice, but a bit on the sweet side. Would buy again. Read More
Not my favourite Chai latte but mixed with kaffekapslens chai latte and wow, mind blowing. Probably the best chai latte I’ve ever tasted with just the right sweetness. I’d give this 3 stars and the other one 4 stars but mix them and for me it’s a definite 5 star Read More
I like these. I used two pods one on 3 bars and one on 4 bars to make a bigger cup. Made a lovely drink. Read More
The taste is amazing! I absolutely loved it. Now the only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because I had a couple if pods explode in the machine and the volume was quite low. It might be down to my machine that they popped- but it was only on these pods, so I assumed the seals weren't strong on some if them yo handle the pressure . They also became very watery if you filled using the recommended bars. I used 2 pods to make the recommended ml. Read More
This chai latte is lovely. I wish It was a little bit bigger in size but I add milk which works for me! This does taste just like chai I've had in India. Super happy! Read More