Chai latte is the tea equivalent of the classic Caffè Latte, and in recent years it has become increasingly popular in cafes around the world. You can now easily and quickly brew a chai latte at home, in your Tassimo.

A chai latte is a further development of the traditional Indian chai tea which, with its many spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cardamom, is famous for its explosion of flavours.

Like a classic latte, a chai latte is milk based. But unlike the 'normal' latte, aromatic black tea has taken the place of espresso coffee - and with its many spices, it is a cup that is significantly more aromatic in taste than a latte.

At Kaffekapslen, everything is not just about coffee. This chai latte is a nice change from the classic latte.
You get a cup full of warmth and sweetness, with a fresh and different flavour full of fiery spices, which we think everyone should try at least once. Who knows, maybe it will become one of your new favourites?


Sugar, glucose sirup, skimmed MILK powder (15%), fully hydrogenated coconut fat, tea extract (2,5%), flavouring, salt, MILK protein, stabiliser (E340), anti-caking agent (E341).


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Chai Latte - Coffee Shop Selections

8 pods for Tassimo


Reviews (94)

Hi Kaffekapslen, your service is fantastic, the whole journey from your factory all the way to Devon is so informative, you keep me updated every step of the way, your products are always in perfect condition on arrival, the Chai Latte is lovely & a pleasing price, thank you so much Read More
Love a chai latte and now I get to enjoy one at home. Read More
Wow, I'll never but my favourite drink from a coffee shop again. Just the right amount of spice, reasonably priced too, I can get a whole bag of pods for the price of one cup from the coffee shop! Read More
Love chai later and not too sweet Read More
Lovely flavour. Only produces a small cup though. Superb service! Read More
Really tasty, almost identical in taste/texture to a shop bought version. Read More
One of my favourite flavours lovely on a cold winters night Read More
Fancy something sweet with a hint of cinnamon, then this is the drink.
It's lovely, creamy and comforting...being drinking it for a while ☺️
Love it...
Read More
I did not really like this, it is quite weak and watery. Read More
My partners absolute favourite, such a lovely taste comforting too Read More
Wintery great taste Read More
The best tassimo option there is, makes a delicious chai latte, balanced and spiced gently, it’s a really enjoyable drink Read More
Of all the pods available, this is the one I think is special. I'm a big fan of chai latte, it isn't always easy to find a good one. Just the right level of spice, and not too sweet. Read More
This is so good and refreshing with that ginger flavour tingling throughout. It had almost become a ritual now at the end of the day, and starting out the day during weekends! Read More
Just great Read More