With this variant, Senseo has created a delicious and aromatic coffee with a taste of caramel.

Here is a coffee that is ideal for those who like to treat themselves to a slightly sweet coffee, but where the sweetness should also not overwhelm the coffee. A caramel coffee like this is therefore ideal for this. Because the mild and tasty caramel not only sweetens the coffee mildly, but also makes the coffee rounder.

A caramel coffee like the one you get here is therefore a good alternative to sugar in coffee. Because with a caramel coffee, your coffee is sweetened instantly and becomes a natural part of the drink without creating any sediment.

If you are looking for a boost to your daily coffee, we can therefore highly recommend the Senseo Caramel. In other words, here you get a delicate coffee with a mild and pleasant caramel taste that we think will suit most people.

We deliver it here in an extra large pack of 32 pods, so you won't run out any time soon. Your Senseo brews them perfectly - and as always, we deliver it lightning fast, at a reasonable price - and right to your doorstep.


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Senseo Caramel

32 pods for Senseo


Reviews (4)

This is a great product. Beautiful caramel flavour.
Nice and smooth coffee.
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Only giving this 4 stars due to its different take on coffee, but a really nice blend. I have this as an after-dinner coffee as it goes well with desserts. Read More
Only just discovered this. It's now my No. 1 favourite coffee. Going to order more. Delicious. Read More
My favourite coffee. Worth the extra money Read More