This is Café René’s version of the well-known cafe classic, cappuccino, and we must say, it is quite delicious.

This is a classic café style cappuccino made with creamy milk foam and espresso, that is brewed easily and quickly at home in your own Dolce Gusto® machine.

A cappuccino like this can be enjoyed at any time of the day, but is perhaps especially suitable as an afternoon coffee, where it goes well with a delicious piece of chocolate.

We supply this delicious cappuccino from Café René at a reasonable price - in a pod that fits perfectly with your Dolce Gusto® machine.

By the way, did you know that cappuccino's name is different from other classic Italian coffee types? Most types of Italian coffee have a name that relates to the way they are brewed. Some examples of this are for example Latte, Espresso and Machiatto. Cappuccino is an exception to the rule. Cappuccino literally means ‘small hood’ in Italian, but the coffees name does not allude to the hood so much as the red-brown, or coffee colour of the distinctive hooded robes, worn by monks and nuns of the Capuchin order (Wikipedia).

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Ground roast coffee, whole MILK powder 82%, sugar


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Café René


Dolce Gusto

Cup size

Large Cup


Medium (5/10)

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Nutrition Information per 100 g.

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Cappuccino - René

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (15)

this is the first time i have bought this coffee and i was really surprised at the quality really creamy and great taste definately be ordering more thank you Read More
Lovely all round coffee, perfect. Read More
We will definitely be ordering more soon Read More
great tasting coffee, will be purchasing again Read More
Beautiful coffee with a slight hint of caramel but if I'm honest the home brand cappuccino is much better for taste Read More
Didn't think much of these there not very strong & only for a small cup if u want to tast it. Read More
Great coffee. Love the taste and such a great price. Read More
The coffee is amazing just taste like the coffee places you go to. And the price is great. Read More
Really tasty and excellent value for money👍 Read More
This is easily the equivalent of the brand name Cappuccino, at a fraction of the price. Read More
Terrible taste, no where near as good as the product it’s aiming to be…. definitely wouldn’t buy again 🤷🏼‍♂️ Read More
Very nice and good value. Brilliant for coffee addicts who could spend a small fortune in supermarkets. Read More
Amazing flavour. Always makes a great cappuccino. Read More
Tasty, not too strong and not too sweet. Highly recommended. Read More
Wow what a surprise. These are as good as the Nescafé ones and a great price. Will be trying the rest of the range but so far top class. Read More